ABRSM Autumn Exam – What to expect on your exam day?

Each year, some 650,000 students from 93 countries take the music exam from preparatory to advanced levels. ABRSM is among the most respected music exams in Dubai. The examination covers a unique blend of music pieces, technical skills, theory, aural training and sight-reading, it serves as a guide of someone’s musicality at a certain level. The music exam is scheduled twice a year, during Spring and Autumn.

For ABRSM Autumn Exam for 2019, registration are done at the Dubai College in Al Sufouh area. The registration fee varies on each grade. Usually the parents or the student can ask the music school they are attending or their music teacher for some assistance for the registration procedures.

For Music Chamber Academy student, the preparation for ABRSM Exam usually starts immediately after their Spring session. Our teachers are now experts in process of preparation for ABRSM exams. We have installed a system of progress reports, close monitoring, pre-hearing and orientation workshops. A range of interlocking skills – in performance, technique, notation, and listening and musical perception – as well as knowledge, understanding and creativity. The aim is to empower our students to enjoy the fruits of their musicianship and hard work.

On exams day, students should come at least 20 minutes early to warm up silently by moving their fingers or blowing through their instrument. Pre-exam nerves are entirely normal. You can help by being calm and cheerful before and after the exam. You can also ask the steward for a copy of These Music Exams, it contains useful information about preparing for and taking the exams.

ABRSM Exam time is from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Before you begin your music practical exam, make sure you are comfortable. Check the stool or music stand, don’t be afraid to adjust it or ask for help. You can choose to do the exam in any order – just let the examiner know. Don’t worry about pauses between your pieces, the examiner will be writing and will tell you when to start your next piece. The examiner may stop you during a piece if he or she has heard enough to make a judgement.

To succeed in ABRSM exam, candidates need a combination of skills and understanding. Perfect points in an individual Practical exam is 150 points.

  • 100 points are required to achieve a pass

  • 120 points are required to pass with merit

  • 130 points are required to pass with distinction

The criteria for the exam marking system is as follows:

90 points – Performance | Pieces or Songs

21 points – Technical | Scales & arpeggios

21 points – Notation | Sight-reading

18 points – Listening Skill | Aural test

Remember, that the examiner is on your side and is looking forward to hear you perform.

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