Meet our team

Our international team shares a common vision: to bring to our students the best in music education in an exciting, fun and highly effective environment.

Together the 14-member team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, each in her/his specialized field.




Dr. Raluca Panzariu

learns Piano when she was five years old. For her this was a natural progression since both her parents are piano teachers and her sister is an accomplished music artist.
She joined the Music Chamber as Academic Advisor in January 2014, shortly after obtaining her PHD in classical Piano Performance at George Enescu Art University in Iasi, Romania.

I love creating new musicians, spreading knowledge about music,
piano skills and technique. For me each student is a special project
who deserves the best to allow them to enjoy the fruits of their hard work.”
Raluca Panzariu

She always finds time to read and when the weather permits, she loves swimming and take long walks.

Ms. Desislava Nacheva

She knew all along that her passion is in music – from when she was six years old, until she graduated with Masters degree in Piano and Music. More than 20 years later, she still enjoys teaching students how to perfect their performance and knowledge of music Theory and Aural Training.

She is always in search for diversity in the selection of music repertoires for her students consistent with their individual abilities and prospects for development and in striving for optimization of interpretation. She has always considers herself to be a detail-minded person carrying these qualities in her work as piano and pedagogue teacher.

“I enjoy my work here in Dubai because it exposes me

to various cultures and traditions and this enriches my experience

as a teacher and  resident of this multi-cultural city,”

Desislava Nachiva







Ms. Dinara Tchomoeva

Ms. Dinara brings a wealth of experience both as an international teacher and a soloist. Her keen interest is to share knowledge and experience she has accumulated while travelling with her students.

Her experience covers the repertoires and method books for students in both entry and advanced levels in countries such as Russia, South Korea, Singapore, Kazakhstan and her home country Kyrgyzstan.

“I like first to understand my student and feel their talents and learning

capabilities and then I plan my journey with them accordingly.”

Dinara Tchomoeva

She is keen to offer the full music learning experience to her students, patiently building their confidence in tackling some challenging pieces of new concepts. Many of her students who sit for the London-based ABRSM exams score Distinction. But she is also at ease preparing students for other internationally recognized exams for all grades.

Ms. Manshuk Mussabayeva

Have a Masters Degree as a Piano Performer and Teacher from the Kazakh National University of Arts. After her graduation in 2015, Ms Manshuk has taught Piano both privately and at the National Academy of Choreography and attended a host of seminars on teaching music. She also took part in several concerts as a soloist with the national symphonic orchestra.

All my lessons must be conducted in an atmosphere

of positive thinking that a piece can be perfected no matter what the challenges are.

 I want all my students to feel proud and at the same time happy

about their achievements.”

Manshuk Mussabayeva

Her favorite composers are Rachmaninov, Skryabin ,Liszt, Chopin and Gershwin. And llike music, she also loves skating, swimming and reading.







Ms. Nadezhda Ignatova

She found the calling for music when she was a little girl listening to masterpieces by her favorite composer, Bach. But she also enjoys works by Flamenco giants such as Paco Pena and Paco de Lucia. She has taken advanced studies in Classical guitar from the Academy of Music and Dance Arts in Bulgaria.

She joined the Music Chamber in February 2012 as the first female guitar teacher in the academy’s history. Now she is one of the most popular teachers among our international team teaching her students classical guitar, Flamenco, Jazz and Rock.

Her most enjoyable moment is when her students play flawlessly their favorite pieces on stage.

“I love it when the fruits of our hard work pay off

with a brilliant performance in front of the parents and fans.”

Nadezhda Ignatova

During her free time she likes reading scientific books, watch movies and go swimming in the beach.

Mr. Djavad Atabekov

Coming from a family of musicians, Mr Djavad knew from his youth where his heart is. At the age of six, he joined a school that focused on Woodwind and Percussions, before pursuing his studies in Jazz and Contemporary Music at the National Conservatoire in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

He has performed with the National Symphonic Orchestra both as a soloist and actor and has taken part in many competitions on Marimba, Vibraphone, Timpani and other percussion instruments, scoring top International prizes. He also participated in charity concerts dedicated for children welfare.

“I love to work with children. It is my biggest joy

when I watch them grow in skills and confidence,”

Djavad Atabekov

Many of Mr Djavad students start from the age of five, where they experience a real acoustic  drums for the first time, playing to a beat of a popular song.







Mr. Volodymyr Bodnar

He started taking Piano lessons at six, going all the way from a music school to the higher studies. He likes to teach young children because it gives him a special joy and puts him a position of giving back the same way his former teachers did to him when he started. In May 2019, he took a short break from his teaching career at the Music Chamber to obtain his master’s degree in Piano Teaching from National Music Academy in his home country, the Ukraine. 

“As a teacher, you need to understand the entire piece

down to the smallest detail before you explain it to your student.

I feel rewarded when my student perfects that piece

on stage or otherwise.”

Volodymyr Bodnar

He enjoys travelling and exploring places where great composers lived and created their masterpieces. “This helps me know more about their culture, lifestyle and reflect those emotions in my performance. ”Mr Bodnar’s favorite composers are: Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and Schuman.




Mr. Arsen Atabekov

Like many teachers, he likes to start the lesson with a warm-up exercises depending on  level of the student before embarking on the journey of music exploration.

Inspired by his mother who is a pianist by profession, he started at age 7 on the recorder and switched to a more demanding wind instrument, the Clarinet. And as for the Saxophone, which is a close relative to the Clarinet it came in naturally, he says.

“As soon as I connect with a student, there is an outpouring of knowledge being imparted. This is the best feeling any teacher can get in our profession.”

Arsen Atabekov

He believes all wind instrument  students must start by building a “foundation” with Classical music. But he knew since the age of 15 that my heart lies in Jazz and always wanted to express himself through improvisation. Although, he likes other genre too like Folk, Contemporary and Oriental Music, the latter through meeting local and visiting Arab musicians in Dubai.

Other than music, he also enjoys swimming in the beach, reading and  traveling in pursuit of new music and a new cultures.

Mr. Leysdel Hernandez

He was born to perform and teach guitar since he was a kid at school to the extent that he has never thought of any other profession outside music. Graduated from the National School of Music in Havana, Cuba. But he has studied guitar since he was young. He plays all types of guitar with ease, whether they are classical, acoustic or electric. He also masters a Cuban three-string instrument like the guitar, called Tres.

“Music is my life. My professors taught me to love the instrument, the music and also to be patient to see the result of becoming a musician, I want to pass on that passion to my students.”

Leysdel Hernandez

His favorite composers are a combination of classical giants like J.S. Bach, Mozart and Latin American composers like Fernando Sor, Joaquin Rodrigo, Leo Brouwer, Hector Villa-Lobos and Manuel M. Ponce.

Mr Leysdel loves baseball and wood carving and he wants to learn how to build his own guitar someday.






``Piano, Theory, Singing & Aural Training``

Ms. Elizabeth Ancheta

“Piano, Theory, Singing & Aural Training” Teacher

Miss Ma. Elizabeth Ancheta is a graduate of Bachelor of Music major in Music Education and Voice with minor in Piano.

Her 22 years of university teaching was marked with various performances, especially in the early years when she traveled with the Philippines Music Ensemble, both as instrumentalist and soloist. Later years was dedicated to teaching and frequent invitations for adjudicator ship in vocal competitions.

After her retirement from the Philippine Women’s University in 2010, she was considering taking licensure in ASL and further studies in Sign Language Interpretation, but was challenged to take up piano and voice once again, this time nurturing the musical abilities of very young minds.

Since 2011, she has been teaching at The Music Chamber, staging recitals twice a year and preparing students for their annual ABRSM exams.

She keeps up with her gardening as a hobby to remind her to be patient with her students and that each and every student needs different approach in teaching.

Ms Khilola Usmanova

Inspired by her grandmother who is a pianist in her own right, Khilola Usmanova took her first career decision at the age of seven. She wanted to be a musician and found in the violin her ever-lasting companion.

“I told my granny I want to be a musician so I can play such beautiful things,” she recalls. In her later years she found true inspiration when she heard Yo-Yo Ma, the famous American Chinese Cellist.

“He changed my thoughts about music and how it connects between people, more than we think.”

Ms Khilola, the newest member of the Music Chamber, is a graduate from the State Conservatoire of Uzbekistan as a Violin Teacher and Soloist. She joined a specialized music school from the age of seven, focusing her energy on an instrument she loved most.

She has taught violin and visited several countries as a member of the philharmonic orchestra of Uzbekistan. Two of her fellow colleagues are already working at the Music Chamber and have highly recommended her as a solid & reliable teacher, who is passionate about making a difference. She is already exposed to various nationalities and cultures, having performed in the United States, Russia, China, Serbia, among others.

“I am excited about my new job, because it means that I can interact with my new students from various nationalities and cultures and onpass my knowledge and learn from them,”

says Ms Khilola Her favorite composers are Bach and Sibellius.

Outside music, Ms Khilola likes to travel and discover other cities where she learns firsthand about their culture and habits.



Violin Teacher’s