Primary Level

Primary Level

Gain skills with our guitar playing lessons from chord playing to basic finger styles

  • Guitar Parts,Tuning

  • Rudiments,Positioning

  • Right hand use of rest & free stroke,Left hand Thumb position

  • Chromatic scales & arpeggios

Intermediate Level

Intermediate Level

As they grow more confident with their skills, students will develop guitar playing with emphasis on chording, arpeggiation, passing chords, scales, accompaniment, improvisation, melodic reading, and development of personal style.

Exercises are designed by teachers for student to work on at home to tackle difficulties as they arise to boost confidence and ease in musical delivery

Many songs and musical pieces will be introduced gradually as they improve their playing and sight-reading skills

Advanced Level

Advance Level

At this level we start to see faster Alternate Picking, more complex rhythmic figures such as galloping and triplets, along with some more complex chord shapes.

This level emphasizes the development of style, articulation, dynamics, rhythmic ability and skills inherent to performance. Students will receive guidance and direction in solving problems related to playing the guitar on an advanced level and will learn many of the different styles, skills and techniques required to become a successful guitarist.

Whether our students are preparing for internationally recognized exams, competition or just playing for fun, they will be provided the proper structure and guidance to excel at their guitars.