Primary Level

Primary Level

Be a piano master in learning the both hands of 5 finger position and some music theories

  • Hand position

  • Finger numbers

  • Letter names/ Solfege name

  • Where’s Middle C?

Intermediate Level

Intermediate Level

Students will start building a more enjoyable repertoire and music theory skills. Among the important specific skills they will develop are: Sight-reading, Aural Training, primary root position triads, hand-over-hand major and minor arpeggios, intervals, fingering, notation, time signatures, dynamics, basic harmonization, key signatures, and various methods of tone production. This joint exploration with the teacher will make them more confident as they make music.

Advanced Level

Advance Level

Students venturing into advance levels will start to learn more challenging & complex range of repertoires. They are exposed to the fascinating world of great composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Liszt, Debussy and Prokofiev. Their advancing technique and musicianship will allow them to produce the touch, sound, timbre, speed needed for such works. At this level they may wish to begin playing in school orchestras and bands or start their own chamber music group with other young musicians.

The Music Chamber’s inhouse Auditorium offers the perfect platform to launch our students’ artistic experience to the joy and pride of their parents and friends in a warm, encouraging and educational environment.