Primary Level

Primary Level

Begin your stardom journey in the music world by learning to play violin. You will have a great opportunity to learn the basic playing and the bowing techniques:

  • Violin parts, the character of the four strings, bridge, tailpiece, holes & pegs,

  • Instrument positioning, left hand position

  • Play D string using short bows, preparing the bow to A string, then learn long bowing on all four strings alternating short & long bows

  • Building confidence as the student learns how to become more comfortable with the violin

Intermediate Level

Intermediate Level

The student will be taught some progressive exercises for technical development, bowing and fingering exercises and introduction to easy and intermediate level musical pieces by various classical and contemporary composers.

They will work jointly with the teacher to correct the intonation, either with the help of a second violin or piano, improving the articulation as they build their repertoire.

Maintaining good practice habits and posture is key for fast and steady progress.

Advanced Level

Advance Level

Students venturing into advance levels will start to learn a more challenging & complex range of repertoire. Fingering positions and bowing techniques become more varied to help the student tackle some of the particularly difficult pieces.

Original scores are introduced gradually for some of the great composers from both classical and contemporary eras such as Brahms, Mozart & Paganini. Their advancing technique and musicianship will allow them to produce the touch, sound, timbre, speed needed for such works. At this level they may wish to join the school’s orchestras or start their own chamber music group with other young musicians.