Primary Level

Primary Level

Play a favorite song by learning to a wind instruments such as clarinet and saxophone. You will learn from proper lip placement to fingering techniques

  • Introduce the mouthpiece, mouth position ,breathing control exercises, playing long notes

  • Notation (staff, rhythm and bars)

  • First note G (fingering chart, exercises on whole, half & quarter notes.

Intermediate Level

Intermediate Level

  • More varied and extensive exercises for finger training

  • Chord Study and melody variations

  • Musical phrasing and expression

  • Music reading and ear-training

  • Introduction to a wider repertoire of famous classical works, easy listening, pop, basic Latin and Jazz using back-up tracks

Advanced Level

Advance Level

Building on the existing skills and repertoire, the student will be exposed to complex finger dexterity exercises. They will also learn how to acquire different sax/clarinet playing effects as they work on jazz & blue licks exercises and complex techniques on tone production.

While their repertoire expands, they will become more confident to express their own style and character in playing as they experiment with the teacher on a wide range of improvisation techniques.

Students will become more confident and they would consider playing in orchestras and bands to expand their exposure and grow their musicianship.